Bilie Eilish launches her first perfume

“It’s my favourite smell in the world,” singer Billie Eilish said of her eponymously named vegan perfume: Eilish.

The “Bad Guy” singer and Grammy-award winning artist Billie Eilish announced on Instagram that her first and new perfume “Eilish” is set to be released. The singer was involved in all the creative processes from crafting the perfume, proving insight on bottle design, marketing campaign, and scent notes. She said, “It’s my favourite smell in the world.” There is no doubt that she loves her new fragrance scent. 

The perfume has been in the making for the past year, and Eilish shared that it has always been a dream to create one. Moreover, the eponymous fragrance features a warm, musky, and woodsy base accented with notes of cocoa, soft spices and vanilla – “I’ve always been in love with vanilla since I was a kid, and my mom would teach me to bake. Vanilla is such a loved smell. But, for me, that was really how I felt like I wanted to smell, and just my favourite smell.” She said.

“Perfumes have been one of my greatest joys in life, and I’ve always wanted to make one. And not as Billie Eilish, not as an artist, not as a singer; I wanted to make a perfume to have a perfume. It has nothing to do with me, I’m just branding it so that people see it.” 

Crafted in partnership with beauty company Paralux Ltd., Eilish will retail exclusively on Billie Eilish Fragrance’s website for $68 on November 10. “Partnering with Billie was natural for Parlux because we can bring a vision of life like no one else, and we were equally excited to be on this journey together.” Parlux President Lori Singer said in a statement. 

The stunning perfume comes in a sculptural amber-bronze bottle, depicting an abstract female woman’s bust in a glimmering shade of amber. “I’ve always had an infatuation with back and collarbones, and just like, bones and bodies,” she told about the human body-inspired bottle, adding that she abstracted the metallic figure, so it wasn’t depicting a “certain body type.” 

“I think that the human body is so beautiful as it is, and we should stop changing all of our bodies and just be appreciative of what they naturally are because they’re so beautiful,” she said, before adding the scent’s silhouette, “I wanted it to feel like you could see anybody in it, and you could be it. I like the idea that you can see the person that you are in love with it, somehow, I feel like it could match anybody, almost—or you.” 

The “Bellyache” singer is not the first celebrity to create and design their own perfume. Both Ariana Grande and Rihanna dropped their newest scent in August, and even Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have their own perfume line.

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