Diesel Pre-Fall 2023 Fuses Denim and YK2 Fashion Pieces

Diesel Pre-Fall 2023 collection fuses the usual denim, metallics, vibrant shades of orange, pink and red.

Diesel Pre-Fall 2023

The dieselization process that Glenn Martens set out for himself when he took over as Diesel’s Creative Director continues with this Pre-Fall 2023 collection, which celebrates denim, utility, wearability and the try-on experience for all.

“In this collection, I have focused on real, everyday fashion. These are the garments that will arrive in our stores, with Diesel’s own cheekiness and charm. The pieces have their own personality: when you see them, you know they are from our Diesel universe,” said Martens.

He also emphasized, “Diesel is not a luxury brand, and it is important to remember that. This means that our pre-collections were aimed at a different audience than our runway shows. Even if there is some overlap.

Glenn Martens uses his pre-collections to communicate more closely with his followers. If the runway shows are for fashionistas, his pre-season collections extend the brand’s reach even further, achieving a direct and clear communication channel with his fans, while the designer reaffirms Diesel’s key codes.

He stated, “Our runway shows target more people than the fashion world, whereas with our pre-collections we tried to talk to everybody, to my brother, to my mother, to high school students… everybody. So, it was a very different exercise for me.”

Arnaud Lajeunie has been in charge of capturing the lookbook. Isabel Bush in the casting process, hair styling by Dushan Petrovich, makeup by Stephanie Kunz and styling by Ursina Gysi.

“Diesel’s rebellious, non-conformist and futuristic attitude can be seen throughout the collection for Pre-Fall 2023. The iconic red colour is always present in all the designs. The colour is distilled throughout the collection in gradient knit dresses in a slim, zip-up and hooded silhouette, and in black-distorted denim, lined with a hint of red.” – Diesel.

Denim, unsurprisingly, plays a key role: woven as a jersey for hoodies, sweatpants and even underwear; cut with moto or reverse details for jeans; or with unexpected details such as a hidden waistband inside jeans.

Nostalgic for the 2000s, Glenn Martens injects a healthy dose of the brand’s D logo into a range of pieces: on the back of jeans, miniskirts and hoodies; printed in metallic and oversized on jumpers, or found as a belt buckle.

Diesel’s iconic B-1DR belt is also re-introduced with accessories, such as mini bags, double-hole belts and adult versions of hot-topic punk-pop items. Martens also focuses on belts as an accessory. All are adorned with the iconic Diesel “D” logo.

In addition to accessories, Martens added a low waist (more decorative than functional) to the YK2-inspired midi skirt.

Check out the Diesel Pre-Fall 2023 collection below.

Diesel Pre-Fall 2023
Diesel Pre-Fall 2023
Diesel Pre-Fall 2023
Diesel Pre-Fall 2023
Diesel Pre-Fall 2023

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