House of Gucci: an insight into its extraordinary wardrobe

Take a look inside this wonderful story, full of extravagant and spectacular customs which played an important aspect in the story itself. 

One of the most anticipated films for fashion fans is The House of Gucci, a film directed and produced by Ridley Scott that tells the story of the 1995 murder of Italian businessman Maurizio Gucci, the alma mater of the luxury brand that bears his surname.

The film is based on the true story of the Gucci family. At the centre of the film are Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) and Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga). Despite all drama inside the film, it is one of fashion’s most prominent dynasties.

The film is full of extravagant and extraordinary looks, from impeccably tailored suits and embellished gowns to big jewels and even bigger hair.

The woman behind the magic is celebrated costume designer Janty Yates, of Gladiator, American Gangster and The Martian.

Most of Patrizia’s regular wardrobe in the 1980s part of the film follows a classic and flattering silhouette, with varied fabrics and colours. But then, Patrizia married into Milan’s elite social circles, which Yates tried to convey in a scene in which Patrizia wears a tight dress and heels to work in her father’s house. Yates said, “She looks so sweet and innocent, but she wears that green dress va-va-voom green dress with heels when she goes to work and she knows the effect it has on the drivers in her father’s business. She’s not lacking in guile.”

The wardrobe is a mix of vintage finds and period-appropriate garments; in fact, two pieces came from the Gucci archive. Janty Yates also called on fine jewellery houses such as Bulgari and Boucheron and asked to borrow some pieces.

Throughout the film, no costumes were repeated, resulting in 65 costume changes on Patrizia (Lady Gaga) and 40 costumes on Maurizio (Adam Driver). “[Gaga] refused to repeat anything. Even the earrings, so everything we shot that scene with in the morning would be put away and then we’d start over with different jewellery, a different dress, different everything,” Yates said. “And I did the same thing, sort of, with Adam, because they were so rich they didn’t have to wear the same clothes.”

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