Lace-up for a Very Versace holiday season

The glamour of the house takes to the ice, with skaters and athletes showing off the most coveted designs for a festive season in true Versace style.

Versace celebrates the winter season and sport with the launch of its incredible Holiday 2021 Collection.

It has been shot in a glamorous backstage environment and photographed by Camille Summers-Valli.

Moreover, Italian professional skater Rebecca Ghilardi showcases coveted designs for the gifting season, including new colourways of the well-known glamorous “La Medusa” and “The Virtus” handbags while demonstrating her strength and poise. In the campaign, she wears a mini dress in the “La Greca” pattern and holds the “La Medusa” bag in a vibrant red tone.

“Introducing Team Versace – the most elegant sports team you’re likely to come across, ever. Signature glamour takes to the ice, with skaters and athletes showcasing coveted designs for a Very Versace holiday season,” the brand shares.

“There is a gracefulness about Versace’s holiday campaign that celebrates dance, music, ice skating sports, holiday colours, outdoors and entertainment,” said Rebecca Miller. “It feels warm, joyful and inclusive as if the audience was personally invited to participate in the performance.”

“The storytelling expresses hope while not intruding and does not shout “buy,” she said. “Just, ‘enjoy our wishes and our delightful product – its colours and product assortment in unexpected places.’” She added.

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