Moschino Spring 2023 Menswear Collection: Scott x Viramontes – A Meeting of Two Minds

Two emblematic creators joined together at Milan’s Fashion Week to create a beautiful

 Fashion collection

Jeremy Scott presented its Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2023 menswear collection at Milan’s Fonderia Macchi automated warehouse. It was the first menswear-only runway show since the infamous creative director Jeremy Scott officially joined the house and decided to pay homage to the iconic work-and iconoclastic approach-of the late artist Tony Viramontes.

“I wanted to shine a light on this brilliant creator,” says Scott. “He may not be a household name, but Tony Viramontes is a force.”

Viramontes was known to many as a “vivacious chameleon,” tinged with pop-bright colours. He was a fashion illustrator, a photographer and a visionary whose discipline bridged the worlds of high fashion and mega-vision celebrities. He had an intangible talent for creating a space where free form meets realism through his works. In short, Viramontes captured the bold aesthetics of his time through pen and lens.

The result? A collection of more than 50 looks depicted with abstract faces, bright colours, eye-catching squiggles and strokes that wrap around Moschino’s signature silhouettes, from shorts and pleated skirts to skinny pants and even baggy pants.

This collection, in particular, would appeal to those with deep interest for tailoring with a twist. Think polychrome-treated blazers, suits and coats.

Tony Viramontes’ work is synonymous with firm brushstrokes that form a face or a human silhouette. Tony Viramontes’ brushstrokes are also decorated with bright colours to represent the timeless and classy fashion.

Tony Viramontes’ iconic brushstrokes were applied by Jeremy Scott to various garments in this collection, from tailored suits and hoodies to leather jackets.

Abstract visages, bright yet slightly attenuated colours, striking squiggles, and expressive strokes cover signature Moschino shapes and new silhouettes that play with length and height, everything from long to short shorts, pleated skirts to sarongs, tapered pants to roomier trousers.

Tailoring took the center stage with an array of blazers, suits, and topcoats enlivened by polychrome treatments. Sportcoats are styled with shorts or combat boots, creating a modern and mixed vernacular look.

As he later said, “You will have different themes and inspirations. But I’m always trying to bring my own love, passion and ways of doing things.” After what seemed like too long an absence, this return of Moschino-via-Scott to his homeland was incredible.

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