The Most Stunning Fashion Campaigns of 2022 You Must See

Check out these 8 fashion campaigns launched this year which are taking the world by storm.

Courtesy of Frankies Bikinis

Few fashion houses have figured out the mantra for success when it comes to fashion campaigns. Rather than launching a short-lived campaign, successful campaigns have focused on long-term collaboration with celebrities.

Fashion brands are also willing to follow these celebrities’ steps by being part of their wardrobe and red-carpet appearances. From custom-made outfits for their ambassadors to a holistic collaboration within the product line, fashion houses are doing it all.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at these engaging campaigns like Rosalía in Acne Studios’s latest Fall 2022 campaign to actor Cole Sprouse in Versace’s Fall-Winter 2022 campaign. Check them out below!


Givenchy has chosen supermodel Kendall Jenner to front its Spring-Summer campaign by Matthew Williams. 

In the campaign, we can see Kendall posing with the new statement bag, the Kenny. The images from the campaign have been enhanced with poppy brushstrokes by the artist, Josh Smith, which has complemented the easy fresh energy, and muted monochromatic tones of the collection.

Courtesy of Givenchy


Balenciaga dropped another stunning Winter ’22 campaign collaboration with celebrity Kim Kardashian. 

In the collection, you can see a sundry of models and talent, like Kim Kardashian and Alexa Demie, posing in extreme weather environments, which is a clear connection and reference to Maison’s latest fashion shows. In the background, there is a stormy environment, similar to the brand’s latest runway show where the runway was transformed into a glass box containing an intense microclimate for the models to walk in.

Balenciaga is worldwide known for this kind of simulated environment, which the brand has taken as part of its future-focused stylistic development and creative design.

Courtesy of Balenciaga


Balenciaga has done it again! The brand has chosen supermodel Bella Hadid to front poses its Autumn 2022 campaign, which centred around the Crush Bag – the brand’s latest product. 

In the campaign, we can see Bella folded over onto her knees in a jet-black ensemble, mirroring Balenciaga’s Crush Bag’s pliability and colourway. The setting is vacuumed by negative grey space, which is also enhanced by eliminating any distractions from the supermodel’s promotion of the new product.

Courtesy of Balenciaga


Versace has chosen the Riverdale famed actor, Cole Sprouse, to front its latest new eyewear campaign. 

In the campaign, we can see the star looking fresh and elegant wearing the brand’s Medusa Mesmerize sunglasses and gold rings. The pictures are so good that they show elegant, stylish, rock and chick vibes for its campaign thanks to the styling, the setting and the background.

Courtesy of Versace


Luxury fashion brand Valentino has chosen the ‘Euphoria’ actor Zendaya to the front in the brand’s latest campaign entitled “PINK PP: the colour of love, community, energy and freedom.” 

In the picture, Zendaya is pictured in a surreal setting, as she navigates a monochromatic pink space, captured by Euphoria’s cinematographer Marcell Rev.

Courtesy of Valentino


Frankies Bikinis’ founder, Francesca Aiello, has chosen Supermodel Gigi Hadid to collaborate with the brand on an exclusive line of swimming costumes the brand has dropped this summer. Hadid has also been included in the creative design of the product as she directed the campaign’s photo shoot and took inspiration from her time at her family’s house in the countryside.

Courtesy of Frankies Bikinis


Watchmaking brand OMEGA partnered with icon actor George Clooney for its latest campaign in which you can see him wearing and promoting the Speedmaster ’57 collection. In the picture, Clooney is pictured wearing one of OMEGA’s stainless steel watches with a blue dial in the campaign while sitting in a classic car.

For the campaign, the actor participated alongside the South Korean actor, Hyun Bin.

Courtesy of OMEGA


Acne Studios has chosen Rosalía to front the label’s Fall 2022 collection. “We felt Rosalía was the perfect fit because she has a unique ability to shapeshift through time, history and culture, all with a contemporary lens,” said Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios.

Courtesy of Acne Studios

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