New York Fashion Week – Fendi ‘Resort 23 Collection

Check out Fendi’s spring/summer 2023 ‘Resort 23’ collection presented at New York Fashion Week.

Bella Hadid walking for Fendi Resort 2023 collection

Fendi marked its 25th anniversary with a celebration of the house’s famous Baguette bag. To properly recognize the milestone, Fendi atelier sculptors Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi arrived on the scene, the place where the bag’s position in pop culture history was sealed, New York City. The debut featured special collections from Marc Jacobs, Tiffany & Co, Sarah Jessica Parker and Porter.

“I didn’t want to do a traditional ‘collection’ for the anniversary,” said Kim Jones, artistic director of womenswear at Fendi.

Fendi’s latest “Baguette” bag featured a total of 54 looks, including parkas, gloves, hats, skirts and sweaters that combined silk satin fabrics, shiny leather and sequins, perfect for the celebration.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, Artistic Director of Accessories and Men’s Fashion at the house, along with Jones transposed the utility of ‘The Baguette’ into a motif across the entire Fendi collection, with its iconic dimensions regenerated into mini and micro pockets embellishing everything from ankle socks to cargo skirts. Juxtaposing functionality, however, was the unmistakable glamour with which the item was associated, with lustrous leather, shaved mink, sequins and silk all the fabrics of choice.

Sarah Jessica Parker, the woman behind the Carrie Bradshaw line that has defined The Baguette’s cultural position, crafted a capsule collection alongside Silvia Venturini Fendi, with each of her Baguettes inscribed with the iconic phrase.

Courtesy of Fendi

Excess and fun abound in the 25th anniversary collections, which reimagine and pay homage to the iconic item. “I have one word: Fendiroma,” says Marc Jacobs. “It’s another land, this Fendiroma…” In addition to Japanese luggage brand Porter, New York designer Jacobs was just one of three Big Apple institutions to collaborate with Fendi on a collection to celebrate The Baguette’s quarter-century, with Sarah Jessica Parker. and Tiffany & Co. also paying homage to the bag and the city that proved to be the genesis of its rise in pop culture.

“I also have two words-The Baguette,” Jacobs adds. “It’s a bag, and I’m never one to shy away from an iconic bag.”

Courtesy of Fendi

‘It amazes me how this bag is so inspiring and its whole transformation, from a beaded model to a sporty model, its style has given birth to a collection and a fashion show,’ said Venturini.

Tiffany applied its diamonds over the double-F logos on the bags, while Jacobs’ contributions were seen in the graphic logo he recently used on his own morca, only with the word Fendi spelled out, instead of Marc Jacobs. Finally, the show included a collaboration, which is still ongoing, with Japanese brand Porter.

Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker

The red carpet guest list, as expected, included Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Grace Jones, Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss. An ideal list to celebrate an icon’s birthday party.

Discover some images from the collection below.

Courtesy of Fendi
Courtesy of Fendi
Courtesy of Fendi
Courtesy of Fendi

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