See the 7 Best-Dressed Celebs at the 2022 Oscars’ Red Carpet

Andrew Garfield spill the tea. Find out who rocked the red carpet this year.

The 94th Academy Awards are, like always, really all about the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. And this year’s list of nominees and presenters brought an unprecedented level of fashion-forward icons all on the same IRL red carpet — thankfully virtual no more. For movie stars, it was a chance to relish in the glamour of fame, and for the top stylists, it was a test to see if they could get to the finish line of awards season with double-sided tape to spare.

Couture gowns wind up on the actors behind the film characters that made the biggest splash over the last months. While the Film Academy dictated new dress standards – stricter and ‘old Hollywood’ such as the length of the dresses never being above the knee – nominees and ‘extra’ guests chose to recover the glamour of the golden years of the cinema.

Get ready to have a look at the biggest and boldest looks from the Oscars evening night.


He opted for a Saint Laurent suit made up of a burgundy velvet blazer. He also combined the look with a shirt, a bow and black pants.


The actress wore a princess dress designed by Gucci, which featured sequins and ruffles with a gradient, going from salmon to violet, enhancing her figure and exuding elegance.


His look was the most commented-on because the jacket was unisex. His styling was designed by Louis Vuitton and complemented with Cartier jewellery.


The actress wore a black Chanel dress gown inspired by a tuxedo. An original model that included sensual touches thanks the opening at the neckline and the corseted bodice.


The actress chose a Giorgio Armani Privé gown in a grey pearl model. She also wore a sequined train that included a peplum silhouette and an open triangle neckline.


Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa paid tribute to Ukraine by wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag on his suit pocket.


His style was one of the most commented-on when resorting to a ‘cropped’ shirt and a sequined skirt with a train. It was designed by Valentino, her most beloved fashion brand.

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