Selena Gomez launches La’Mariette swimwear collection

Inspired by her personality, Selena Gomez has launched her swimwear collection with La’Mariette, after being approached by brand founders Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao.

Selena always surprises us. At the age of 28, she has got a beauty Brand (Rare Beauty) and works as a singer, actress, and swimwear designer. Rare Beauty is aimed for everyone, and it encourages us to celebrate our bodies with 90’s vibes and psychedelic prints. The La’Mariette by Selena Gomez collection is about “celebrating the fact that all bodies are beautiful”.

“What I love about this brand is that it celebrates women who love their bodies unconditionally giving themselves the grace they deserve. Hope you love it as much as I do ♥️” Said Selena on Instagram.

This collection is available in sizes XS to XX and includes six matching styles: one piece, underwire, cross tie, triangle and wrap tops, lower cut V string bottoms, a skirt and even a hair accessory! All of them, with the beautiful Aura print. Absolutely gorgeous!

“The Aura print is inspired by Selena, her aura shines through in everything she does, and we want everyone else to feel that sort of transformative feeling of being their most authentic self. Selena’s confidence is unmatched, and being able to design a print with her, which embodies that, is so rewarding.” Said Morgan Brutaco, the founder.

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