Skims Reunites Four Iconic Supermodels for “SKIMS” New Collection

Kim Kardashian presented her latest SKIMS “Fits for Everybody” and reunited four iconic supermodels to showcase the “models’ strength, energy,”

The fashion mogul who founded the shapewear in 2019 pulled off a major fashion-world reunion for her latest SKIMS campaign. She announced a new campaign titled “Fits Everybody” line, featuring four biggest models from Victoria’s Secret.

Kim Kardashian brought together Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio to for a sultry Icons Campaign photoshoot wearing the signature shapewear from SKIMS0 bestselling and size-inclusive Fits Everybody collection, which includes bras, underwear, bodysuits, and loungewear, and its designed to stretch to twice its size, according to the SKIMS website.

Powerful leaders in the fashion industry and beyond, all four women have been direct sources of inspiration for countless models since the start of their careers. Most of them were worldwide known as the “Angels” of Victoria’s Secret for many years.

The fashion mogul wanted to showcase the “models’ strength, energy, and everlasting allure with imagery that reflects the group’s enduring legacies”.

Taking to her Instagram account, Kim shared a series of photos of herself alongside Tyra, Heidi, Candice, and Alessandra saying “OK so I wasn’t supposed to be in this SKIMS campaign but I stopped by and jumped in because it was too iconic,” Kardashian captioned photos of the campaign on Instagram. “Introducing Tyra, Heidi, Alessandra and Candice wearing our signature SKIMS Fits Everybody collection.” Kim added.

For the newest launch of SKIMS iconic campaign, supermodel Tyra Banks also extended the incredible feeling of working with Kim along with her fellow model and shared, “When @KimKardashian called me with the idea to reunite these incredible women and me for @SKIMS, I was intrigued. And here we are! I hadn’t modeled lingerie and undergarments since I retired from the runway, but it was like riding a bike. The poses came back even fiercer than before!” Tyra Banks posted on Instagram after the shoot.

Meanwhile, former Victoria’s Secret Angels Heidi, Candice, and Alessandra also took to their Instagram account to share hot it was to star in a shapewear brand campaign together.

“It has been a while since we were all together so it was so special to be reunited. Thank you @kimkardashian for making it happen,” Klum wrote on Instagram. Swanepoel added, “The posse you never knew you needed…”.

Heidi Klum described the shooting with her fellow supermodels as “a blast” and the SKIMS photoshoot was so special since they had the chance to get reunited. While Alessandra Ambrosio described her love for the campaign together with Candice Swanepoel “The posse you never knew you needed…” expressing to the idea of bringing four supermodels together to work for the new brand adverts. 

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